Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Word of the Year for 2013: Cultivate

It's goal setting time again. I can't resist the urge to make New Year's resolutions, even though studies show they pretty much don't work. There's such a feeling of virtue in setting down all those fabulous plans for the upcoming year. This year I'm going to try a concept I heard of from a few other bloggers, having a Word of the Year as a theme to live by for 2013. After discarding the obvious words like "create" or "balance", I ran across the one that resonated in my heart: Cultivate.

I love gardening, and having just left my beloved garden behind when we moved to our new home, I definitely want to do some cultivating of a new garden in order to feel connected to the land I live on. I need to cultivate my business, too, updating my website and being more consistent about sending out newsletters and scheduling classes and keeping up with inventory and on and on. And I also need to cultivate some good habits, like walking even when my walking buddy isn't available and eating my veggies. Last but not least, I want to cultivate my relationships with friends and family, rather than just taking them for granted as I am wont to do.

The resolutions will still be made, but I hope that by tying them to my word of the year, I'll remember to dig the groundwork and fertilize the young resolutions so that they will grow strong and healthy and not be choked out by the weeds of day to day life.

What's your word?